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The Inevitable Return of TheYouKnowWho

Hey, kids. After a deafening silence and tremendous amount of away time, I have something to offer all of you. My heartfelt apologies. Without giving

January 26, 2014 General Musings
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Hello! I Must Be Going!! …What, AGAIN??

Many of you who come by here expecting a pithy comment, a mostly-decent movie review or some snark from yours truly, TheGreatWhiteDope, have no doubt

September 15, 2013 people, Promotional
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Behind The Scenes: Revenge Of The Random Classics

You just go along your day, little realizing what the day holds in store for you, never realizing that when you look up, you could

September 14, 2013 General Musings
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Behind The Scenes: Random Scenes For Random Viewers

Hey there, pal.  Long time no see!  Pull up a chair, have a drink, make yourself homely!  So, when’s the last time you saw some

September 13, 2013 General Musings
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Behind The Scenes: Random Classics, Schmandom Classics

This is a very special edition of this segment, because there is a double-play by one guy; see if you can guess who it is.

September 12, 2013 General Musings
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Behind The Scenes: Random Classics Straight From The Attic

Why is it that every time I think I run out of things to post or show you fine people (all 12 of you), I

September 11, 2013 General Musings
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Behind The Scenes: All The Random Classics You Can Eat

I would rather go on record and state that all the pictures I am posting here represent the efforts of many tireless individuals who love

September 10, 2013 General Musings
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Behind The Scenes: My God, It’s Full Of Random Classics…

So, we have so many pictures and so little time, that the fact that I have these pictures to share is hardly the point.  The

September 09, 2013 General Musings
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