1. Fortunately, he gets a lot of parts for characters who think a lot of themselves.

2. Was always the designate driver for those late-night parties with Richard Burton, Rex Harrison and Richard Harris.

3. In 1977, doctors proclaimed he was perfectly preserved through “pickling”.

4. If Nicholas Roeg had his way, Peter would have fallen to Earth.

5. Henry II comes easily for him… or it at least came easy for him twice.

6. Whenever he met with John Gielgud, they would both shout, “I loved you in Caligula“, and laugh loud and hard.

7. Smiles and shakes his head whenever people confuse cricket and rugby.

8. Came this close to being an awesome Sherlock Holmes.

9. Really admires Irish women’s buttocks.

10. No matter how many times the nuns beat him, he stayed left-handed.

11. He can change his date of birth as many times as he wants and no one minds.

12. For all of the drinking he did in his life, Peter always remembered to use a coaster.

13. Even though in the same film as he, John Goodman never managed to steal any of Peter’s scenes.

14. He makes sure, whenever packing for an overnight trip, to leave room for at least five bottles.

15. Was restrained enough that he didn’t get cast as Dylan Thomas.

16. Never worked with Pauly Shore. Never will.

17. When you scramble the letters of his name, it spells Treetop Oleo.

18. Had to explain multiple times that, while he played T.E. Lawrence, his character never wrote “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”.

19. Was pall bearer to the last five doctors who gave him six months to live.

20. If it weren’t for his tireless efforts, the world would now be flooded with scotch.

Dope out.